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    kuš! (speak koosh!) is a comics art anthology from Latvia founded 2007 in Riga. Every issue contains comics from international and Latvian artists to a certain theme which changes every issue. The aims of kuš! are to popularize comics in a country where this medium is practically non-existent and promoting Latvian comics abroad. 

    kuš! doesn't just publish comics on paper, but  also organizes exhibitions, workshops, comics jams and other comics related events besides traveling to international festivals to spread the Latvian comics fever.

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    Awards and nominations

    2012 Winner of Prix de la Bande Dessinée Alternative, BD Angouleme, France

    2012 Nominated for 'Best Publication Design' and 'Best Anthology' at the Stumptown Comics Arts Awards, Portland, USA

    2017 š! #26 'dADa' nominated as 'Best Anthology' for the Eisner Awards

    2017 š! is nominated as 'Best Ongoing Series' for the Broken Frontier Awards

    Interviews and Features

    Broken Frontier (UK, 2018), 星期日生活 Sunday Mingpao (Hong Kong, 2018), New Eastern Europe (Poland, 2017), Šiaurės Atėnai (Lithuania, 2017), Sputnik News (Russia 2017), Deutschlandfunk (Germany 2017), Tagesspiegel (Germany, 2017), The Comics Journal (USA, 2016), Lo Spazio Bianco (Italy), Not So Comics (Italy, 2016), World Literature Today (US, 2016), Fumettologica (Italy 2016), Comics Alliance (US 2015), Publishers Weekly (US 2015), Bacánika (Colombia 2015), Broken Frontier (UK, 2015), Comics Workbook (USA 2015), La Segunda (Chile 2015), SI Magazyn Czasu Wolnego (Poland 2015), LTV Panorama (Latvia 2015), LTV (Latvia 2015), VICE (Mexico 2015), ARTE's Metropolis (France, Germany 2014), Goethe Institut (Germany 2014), Baron Mag (Canada 2014),  European Youth Parliament (2014), Rough Guides (2014), North Adams Transcript (USA 2014), Popey blog (Japan 2013), It's nice that (UK  2013), Fumettologica (Italy 2013), Spots (Latvia 2013), Arterritory (Latvia, 2013), Diena (Latvia 2013), Youthless Fanzine (Italy 2013), Dwutygodnik (Poland 2012), Altre Velocita (Italy 2012), Nordix (Belgium 2012), Arteko (Latvia 2012), Central Stn (UK, 2012), IR (Latvia 2011) Air Canada enRoute (Canada 2011), LZK (Latvia 2011), Polegadas (Brazil 2007), Universo HQ (Brazil 2007), Satori (Latvia 2007)

    Take part?

    Currently there may or may not be any open calls (check here), but we are always interested to discover new artists, especially Latvians, but not only, so if like to take part, just send us an e-mail with a link to your comics. We will look at all your e-mails but might not be able to answer to you, but once we have an appropriate project, we will contact you. Unfortunately we can't provide portfolio reviews or give feedback on your work.


    Write to: komikss(at)gmail(dot)com

    Bank details

    Name: Biedrība Grafiskie stasti
    Legal address: Uzvaras bulvaris 5-52, Riga, LV-1048 (please don't send mail here)
    Reg. no.:40008135798
    Bank: A/S Swedbank, Balasta dambis 1a, Riga, LV-1048, Latvija
    IBAN: LV10HABA0551024403970
    Paypal: komikss(at)gmail(.)com

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    Send us payments securely using your debit or credit card via the paypal donate button.

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    Send us payments securely using your debit or credit card via the paypal donate button.

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