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  1. The Last Match

    The Last Match, travelling exhibition, many places since September 2009

    Since 2009 the Latvian comics magazine kuš! invites international illustrators and comics artists to draw their interpretations of „the last match” on a paper snip in the size of barely 0,00166 m2. Like this the little artworks can easily be collected in just a few matchboxes. When exhibited the collected drawings are taken out of the boxes and hung chronologically on matchsticks hung in a matrix, so you can see which artist is behind each work. The result shows you can make something big out of something small, also during times of financial crisis.

    Below you see where the exhibition has travelled so far and if you scroll all the way down, you find a list of all the participating artists. The exhibition still grows and travels on!

  2. el último fósforo

    The Last Match, Entreviñetas, Capital Junior College, Bogotá, Colombia, 25.9.-04.10.2015

    kuš! will bring the travelling exhibition The Last Match to the Colombian comics art festival Entreviñetas with 403 contributions by artists from 52 different countries. Opening on September 25 at 7:30 PM at Capital Junior College in Bogotá.

    Support: Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation

  3. Viimeinen Tikku

    The Last Match, Å-Fest, Grand, Porvoo, Finland, 14.-20.02.2015

    kuš! was a guest at the brand new comic festival  Å-Fest in Porvoo organized by Kaisa Leka and Emmi Valve. kuš! was not only taking part in the comics fair and a panel discussion about free speech, but also presented a selection of the travelling exhibition "The last Match" at the culture centre Grand.

  4. The Last Match

    The Last Match, exhibition, Videofag, Toronto, Canada, 08.-12.05.2014

    The Last Match exhibition keeps growing and traveled to Canada with 383 tiny artworks. The exhibition was accompanied by a matching wall painting by Patrick Kyle. Annie Koyama (Koyama Press) invited more local artists to be part of the extending show. Opening reception was Thursday, May 8th, 7:00pm-9:00pm at Videofag, 187 Augusta Avenue.

    Supported by: TCAF, Videofag, Latvian Culture Capital Fundation (VKKF)

    Report on Humber News

  5. Poslednja vžigalica

    The Last Match, exhibition, Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 25.11.-12.12.2013

    The last match exhibition keeps growing and traveled to Slovenia with 364 tiny artworks. At the exhibition Oskars Pavlovskis drew a huge mural of a "Last Match Monster". On the 26.11 there was a presentation evening of kuš! with interviews with kuš! editor David Schilter and artist Oskars Pavlovskis. At the same eveneng was also a screening of Baltic animation shorts, organized in cooperation with Anna Veilande Kustikova from 2Annas.

    Producers: Stripburger, Kinos Šiška, kuš!  Supported by:  MOL, Ministrstvo za kulturo in SSCF, Latvian Culture Capital Fundation (VKKF)

    Read more about it on our blog.

  6. kuš! and the last match

    Exhibition, Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria, 22.06.-20.07.2013

    Extended version of the growing and traveling THE LAST MATCH exhibition at Forum Stadpark. At the opening on Friday the 21st of June kuš! editor David Schilter and the artists Dace Sietina and Martins Zutis will be present.

    The exhibition shows 342 tiny artworks by comics artists and illustrators from 52 different countries, a special installation by Dace Sietina and Martins Zutis, short animations by KIIN (Ines Christine Geisser & Kirsten Carina Geisser), Markus Haefliger & Anja Wicki and by Ernests Klavins as well as a cozy kuš! reading corner.

    Supported by Forum Stadtpark and the Latvian Embassy in Austria.

    Articles: Arterritory (LV), Falter (AUT)

  7. L'ultimo fiammifero

    The Last Match, Elastico, Bilbolbul, Bologna, Italy, 01.03-14.03.2012

    The exhibition The Last Match traveled to Italy where it was shown in the framework of the comics festival Bilbolbul in Bologna. There were 305 contributions by artists from 51 different countries on display and a special extension of huge matchboxes drawn by Anete Melece and Gregor Hinz as well as three animations about the last match by KIIN (Ines Christine Geisser and Kirsten Carina Geisser), Markus Haefliger & Anja Wicki and by Ernests Klavins

    Article: Artribune

  8. Последний спичка

    The Last Match, Boomfest, Nabakov Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia, 22.9-16.10.2011

    The exhibition traveled to Russia and was shown in the framework of the comics festival Boomfest. At the festival the kuš! co-founder Zane Zajančkauska was be present together with the Latvian artist Martins Zutis. There were be 283 contributions from 51 different countries on display at The Last Match exhibition.

  9. w ostatnim meczu

    The Last Match, Ligatura, Poznan, Poland, 03.6-21.6.2011

    The exhibition traveled to Poland and was shown in the framework of the comics festival Ligatura. At the festival the exhibition curator David Schilter was be present together with the Latvian artists Ingrida Picukane, Martins Zutis and Oskars Pavlovskis. There were be 272 contributions from 51 different countries on display at The Last Match exhibition.

  10. poslední sirka

    The Last Match, KomiksFest!, Prague, Czech Republic, 30.10-28.11.2010

    The exhibition traveled to Prague and was shown in the Tower in the framework of KomiksFest!. At the festival David Schilter (kuš! editor)  was present and ufortunately kuš! contributor Yoshi from Lithuania missed it. There were 263 contributions from 51 different countries on display, including 10 new contributions from the Czech Republic.

  11. ბოლო ასანთი

    The Last Match, Ioseb Grishashvili Tbilisi History Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2.10-10.10.10

    The exhibition "the last match" traveled to Georgia and was shown in the framework of Artisterium, the 3rd Tbilisi International Contemporary Art Exhibition and Art Events Festival. At this point the exhibition contained works of 247 artists from 47 countries. At the festival David Schilter (kuš! editor) and Martins Zutis (comics artist) held a comics fanzine workshop. More information here.

    The exhibition was generously supported by the Latvian Culture Capital Foundation (VKKF) and the Honorary Consulate of Latvia in Georgia.

  12. Das letzte Streichholz

    The Last Match, Buchhandlung und Galerie MZIN, Leipzig, Germany, 11.06-11.07.2010

    The exhibition "the last match" was on display in the beautiful MZIN gallery. It contained works from 219 artists from 43 countries. The exhibition was generously supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

  13. het laatste luciferstokje

    The Last Match from the East, Galerie 37, Haarlem, the Netherlands, 03.06-18.06.2010

    Selected "last match" works from Eastern European along with reproductions were exhibited in the gallery 37 at the Stripdagen in Haarlem. The comic festival had a special exhibition called ‘Komiks from the other half - more weird, more good', where also Dace Sietiņa from Latvia was invited to display her works. The exhibition was brought to Haarlem by Oskars Pavlovskis.

  14. Das letzte Streichholz

    The Last Match, Comic-Salon Erlangen, Germany, 03.06-06.06.2010

    The exhibition "the last match" was an official exhibition at the biggest German Comic Festival in Erlangen. The exhibition contained works from 205 artists from 42 countries.

  15. s letschte Zondhölzli

    The Last Match, Fumetto Satellite, Haegeli, Lucerne, Switzerland, 20.04-10.05.2010

    The exhibition "the last match" was on display as "satelite exhibition" at the International Comic Art Festival Fumetto in Lucerne, Switzerland. The exhibition contained works from 192 artists from 41 countries.

  16. 3 für 1

    Exhibition "3 für 1", Culture Centre Kapu, Linz, 26.2-5.3.10 

    Kuš! was invited to the Austrian nextComic Festival were it presented 3 exhibitions at once. One part was "the last match", at the time containing works from 185 artists from 40 countries, the second part was a showcase of selected Latvian artists (Ernests Klavins, Martins Zutis, Maija Liduma, Dace Sietina, Kaspar Grosevs, Anete Melece, Oskars Pavlovskis and Maija Kurseva) and the third part was a solo exhibition of the works from Anete Melece. More infos you can find here.

    Some more pictures you can see on the Unkraut blog.

  17. O Último Fósforo

    The Last Match, Gallery Artside, Lisbon 16.01.-08.02.2010

    The exhibition "the last match" traveled further to Lisbon in an extended version and more artists from Portugal were invited at the place. The exhibition contained works from 179 artists from 38 countries. Organized in Cooperation with Chili Com Carne and supported by the Latvian Embassy in Portugal and KKF.

  18. The Last Match

    The Last Match, Survival Kit Festival, Riga, 12.09-19.09.2009

    Comics artists were invited to draw one worke in the size of a matchbox about the theme "the last match". The papers are collected in matchboxes, in one matchbox fit 25 artworks, for the exhibition the works are spread on the wall. The exhibition contained 155 artist from 38 countries.


  19. Contributors

    446 contributors (by July 2017)

    Aaron Costain (CA)

    Abe Restrepo (CO)

    Abraham Diaz (MX)

    Adrian Wylezol (D)

    Adrien Houillère (FR)

    Afonso Ferreira (P)

    Afra Katastrofa (CH)

    Agata Nawrot (PL)

    Agnieszka Piksa (PL)

    Aino Sutinen (FIN)

    Aistė Mo (LT)

    Aivars Baranovs (LV)

    Akinori Oishi (J)

    Akvile Magicdust (LT)

    Aleks Deurloo (NL)

    Aleksandar Zograf (SRB)

    Aleksey Nikitin (RU)

    Aleksi Martikainen (FI)

    Alex Baladi (CH)

    Alexandru Ciubotariu (RO)

    Allison Cole (USA)

    Alžběta Skálová (CZ)

    Amanda Baeza (P)

    Amanda Vähämäki (FI)

    Amylin Loglisci (TR)

    Ana Albero (D)

    Ana Tabatadze (GE)

    André Coelho (P)

    André Lemos (P)

    Andrès Magàn (E)

    Andrea Bruno (IT)

    Andrej Štular (SI)

    Andreja Kocjan (SI)

    Andrejs Lavrinovičs (LV)

    Andrzej Klimowski (UK)

    Andy Leuenberger (CH)

    Anete Melece (LV)

    Anja Wicki (CH)

    Anna Anjos (BR)

    Anna Deflorian (IT)

    Anna Maria Łuczak (PL)

    Anna Sailamaa (FI)

    Anna Vaivare (LV)

    Anna-Lisa Schneeberger (CH)

    Anne Ibelings (D)

    Anne Stalinski (NL)

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